Choroidal Nevus (Freckle)

A choroidal nevus is a freckle underneath the retina. Many people have these freckles. It is similar to the freckles that occur on the skin. With freckles in the eye, just as on the skin, there is a rare risk of the freckle growing into a tumor or cancer.

To evaluate the nevus in the eye, we take a picture of it and compare it to previous color photographs. Sometimes we also do special scans to measure the thickness of the freckle.

It is important that you see a dermatologist on a regular basis to be sure that there are no freckles on the skin that are of concern. We also recommend that you use UV protection in your sunglasses.

Finally, it is very important for you to keep your regular scheduled follow-ups and to be sure that the choroidal nevus is checked regularly throughout your life.

Normal eye image
Normal Eye
Eye with Choroidal Nevus image
Choroidal Nevus