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Services Offered at Coastal Eye Institute

Welcome to Coastal Eye Institute, where our passion for eye care drives us to offer a spectrum of services designed to cater to all your eye health needs. From routine examinations to specialized surgeries, our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure the well-being of your vision.

Specialized Services:
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • Cornea Treatments
  • Retina Care
  • Glaucoma Management
  • Pediatric Eye Care
  • Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Location of Coastal Eye Institute

Strategically located to serve a wide area, Coastal Eye Institute boasts multiple office locations for your convenience. Our facilities are designed with your comfort and accessibility in mind, ensuring a seamless experience from the moment you walk through our doors.

Contact Information for Coastal Eye Institute

Reaching out to us is easy. You can connect with our friendly staff via phone or through our website to inquire about our services, schedule appointments, or address any concerns. Your eye health is our priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Reviews of Coastal Eye Institute

Our commitment to exceptional eye care resonates with our patients, whose testimonials reflect their satisfaction and the high-quality service we provide. From successful surgeries to the compassionate care delivered by our staff, we're proud of the positive feedback that underscores our dedication to excellence in ophthalmology.

Doctors and Staff at Coastal Eye Institute

At Coastal Eye Institute, our team is our cornerstone. Each member, from our fellowship-trained ophthalmologists to our supportive administrative staff, plays a crucial role in delivering top-tier eye care. Specializing in various subspecialties, our doctors bring expertise and a personal touch to each patient encounter.

Specialties at Coastal Eye Institute

Our wide range of specialties allows us to address a diverse array of eye health concerns. Whether it's managing chronic conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration or providing pediatric care and complex surgical solutions, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet your needs.

Insurance Accepted at Coastal Eye Institute

Understanding the importance of accessible eye care, we accept a variety of insurance plans. Our staff is available to assist with insurance queries, helping you navigate coverage details and ensuring you receive the care you need without unnecessary financial stress.

Appointment Scheduling at Coastal Eye Institute

Ensuring ease and flexibility, our appointment scheduling system accommodates your busy lifestyle. With options for multiple locations and times, we aim to make your visit as convenient as possible. Explore our online scheduling tool or call us directly to book your next appointment.

Technology Used at Coastal Eye Institute

Embracing the latest advancements in eye care, Coastal Eye Institute invests in state-of-the-art technology. This commitment enables us to offer precise diagnostics, innovative treatments, and minimally invasive surgical techniques, all aimed at enhancing your vision and eye health.

Patient Resources at Coastal Eye Institute

Education is key to eye health, which is why we provide an array of patient resources. From informational brochures to online content, we equip you with the knowledge to understand your eye conditions and treatment options. Empowering our patients is part of our mission to ensure holistic eye care.

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