Sarasota Cataract Surgery

Sarasota Cataract Surgery

If you can't see details or colors as clearly as before, you may have cataracts. Some of the signs of cataracts are blurred vision, difficulty with nighttime driving, fading colors, increased sensitivity to light, and diminished detail and contrast. Other symptoms include halos and glares, frequent prescription changes, and double vision in one eye. Cataracts eventually cause blindness if left untreated. The only effective treatment to restore your vision is Sarasota cataract surgery. At Coastal Eye Institute, we recommend scheduling a cataract consultation if you have one or several of these symptoms. Our expert surgeons will determine if it's time to have your cataracts removed.

Benefits of Cataract Surgery

The many advantages of having your cataract surgery include:

Improved Vision

The artificial intraocular lenses (IOLs) implanted after cataracts are removed enable you to see with remarkable clarity. Patients report seeing better than they have in years.

Better Quality Of Life

Often, cataracts develop slowly over the years, causing your vision to gradually degrade to a point where you're forced to change your lifestyle. For instance, you may have to rely on someone to read the instructions on your medicine bottle or quit playing golf due to poor vision. Additionally, because of increased sensitivity to light and halos or glares, you might have to depend on your close family member to drive you around.

Once you have your cataracts removed, you'll be able to see clearly and perform routine activities with ease. You'll also enjoy your favorite pastimes just like before. In other words, you'll have increased independence.

Decreases Or Eliminates The Need For Contacts Or Glasses

After cataract surgery, you may get rid of prescription contacts or glasses or reduce your need for them depending on the IOL you choose. Some premium intraocular lenses deliver sharp, crisp vision at all distances - near, far, and everything in between. Although these types of premium lens implants are expensive, they allow you to perform all tasks without corrective lenses.

Reduces Risk Of Accidents And Falls

With diminished vision, you're more likely to fall or get into accidents and injure yourself. But with cataract surgery, you'll see better than you have for decades, greatly minimizing the chances of such incidents. You'll also be more aware of your what's around you and clearly see obstacles.

Longer Life

Research shows that cataract surgery can help you have a longer lifespan. Possible reasons why patients who have their cataracts removed live longer include increased optimism and emotional well-being. Older adults usually find it hard to depend on others while they were used to doing everything on their own all their life. With cataract surgery, seniors have a new lease of life as they're able to enjoy doing the things they love.

Top-Rated Cataract Doctors

When it comes to restoring clear vision, we're always committed to using leading-edge technology in Sarasota cataract surgery. At Coastal Eye Institute, we have the experience and skills to utilize the most advanced cataract removal techniques to extract your cataracts and protect your sight. To find out if you have cataracts or need cataract surgery, schedule your cataract screening today:

Sarasota Cataract Surgery

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