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Bradenton Retina

Bradenton Retina

If your doctor has told you to see a Bradenton Retina specialist, call Coastal Eye Institute to schedule an appointment. Their fellowship-trained retina specialists, Dr. Anita Shane and Dr. Allison Menezes provide a full spectrum of medical and surgical treatments for conditions that affect the retina, vitreous, and macula.

Branch retinal vein occlusion occurs when one of the veins of the retina becomes blocked. Arteries bring blood to your eye and veins drain blood away from your eye. When a retinal vein is occluded, blood is able to enter the eye, but has difficulty exiting. This causes an increase in pressure in the capillaries, which are the very small blood vessels between the retinal arteries and occluded vein. Bradenton retina specialists should perform an evaluation as soon as possible. 

Due to this increased pressure, these capillaries may rupture and cause retinal bleeding. Other capillaries may just become very sick and die or allow a clear fluid, which is inside of your blood stream, to exit into the retina. The fluid can cause a significant amount of edema (or swelling) of the retina. The combination of the swelling and hemorrhaging, in addition to decreased blood flow to a given section of the retina, can result in a decrease in the vision. You will need to be examined periodically by the Bradenton Retina specialist, as this condition can at times cause other problems in your eye. 

Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion can improve by itself. In other cases, Bradenton’s Retina specialists may be able to give injections of medicine into the eye to reduce the amount of fluid. Laser treatment is indicated in those with significant swelling that does not improve and those who develop abnormal blood vessel growth of the retina. Although the vision may improve, it does not often return to 20/20. 

Central Retinal Vein Occlusion occurs when the main vein that drains the retinal circulation becomes occluded. Arteries bring blood to your eye and veins drain blood away from your eye. When the central retinal vein is occluded there is a build-up in the pressure in the capillaries, which are the very small blood vessels that connect the arteries and the veins of your eye. 

Since blood is able to get into your eye through the central retinal artery and has difficulty getting out of your eye through the central retinal vein, the increased pressure causes the small capillaries to rupture and consequently hemorrhaging occurs in the eye. 

In addition, the capillaries may also just become very sick and allow a clear fluid, which exists in the blood stream to seep into the retina. This can accumulate in the retina and cause swelling. Finally, the decrease in blood flow or circulation into the retina can cause damage to the retina, as the retina needs a constant flow of fresh blood in order for it to function properly. The vision may be mildly or severely decreased. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment at Coastal Eye in Bradenton for a Retina evaluation, please call their office at 941-748-1818. 

Bradenton Retina

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