Bradenton Cataract

Bradenton Cataract

Coastal Eye is the Bradenton Cataract Clinic for patients living in the area who want to have their cataracts removed and improve their vision. If you're experiencing cataracts and have diminished vision, call Coastal Eye at 941-748-1818 to schedule an appointment.

A cataract is the clouding of the eye's natural lens that makes it increasingly more difficult to see clearly. The lens of the eye works much like the lens of a camera, focusing light images on the retina, which in turn, sends images to the brain. When this lens becomes cloudy due to a cataract, it prevents light and images from reaching the retina. The result: blurred vision, dulled colors, and a glare, which makes it difficult to do everything things such as reading, driving and performing daily tasks.

Some patients with cataracts describe vision through a cataract as seeing life through a cloudy film. If this is what you're experiencing, imagine seeing clearly again! You can- through Bradenton cataract surgery. You may have been told that improving your diet or taking a certain supplement will make your cataract go away. The truth is though, that only surgery can remove the cataract. A surgeon can remove the old, clouded lens and replace it with a new, clear artificial lens implant that will restore your vision.

Cataract surgery is an excellent opportunity to reduce your need for glasses. Through the implant of advanced lenses, you can reduce or even eliminate your need for reading and distance glasses. Not everyone is a candidate for the advanced lenses, but your Bradenton Cataract surgeon can assess your vision and the health of your eyes and discuss your options with you.

Now, with new micro-incision surgery, you will go home the same day as your cataract surgery and be able to enjoy watching television that same night, resuming light activities slowly starting on the first day. Eye drops will be prescribed to prevent infection and swelling after your Bradenton Cataract surgery. The surgeon will continue to monitor your progress during your postoperative appointments, and if you require glasses, you will be fitted around 2-4 weeks after the procedure.

Now that there have been technological advancements in Bradenton cataract surgery, surgeons have options that allow their patients to make informed decisions on how their cataracts will be removed. As a Bradenton cataract surgery patient, you can choose between standard cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery.

Cataracts do not grow back, therefore your Bradenton Cataract surgery is a once in a lifetime procedure.

In Bradenton, Laser Refractive Cataract surgery uses laser technology and advanced lens implants to reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses. After the cloudy cataract is removed, it is replaced with a clear lens implant. Multi-focal lens implants can improve vision at a distance, near and intermediate. For patients with astigmatism, laser corneal astigmatism correction or the use of advanced topic lens implants can sharpen vision.

Learn more about Coastal Eye's Bradenton Cataract surgery by visiting online at, or call the clinic at 941-748-1818.

Bradenton Cataract

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