Womens Community South Lake TX

Womens Community South Lake TX

Most women do not need a community center, especially when they have a network of supportive friends and family. It is observed that survivors of domestic abuse will exhaust every other option in their circle before they seek transitional housing arrangements. So who needs the women's community in South Lake TX?

Who needs community services?

The sad reality is that homeless women with dependant children are in the predicament because they are victims of physical or domestic abuse. Studies show that most of these women do not have a reliable social circle and find that the women's community is the only option for survival. How is this possible?

Some homeless people have actual jobs and can sustain necessities like food and clothing. They, however, have limited access to other resources and cannot get counseling and support groups to help them from their abusive relationship, hence the motivation to seek a transitional living space.

Different situations for you to need women's community in Irving

Unsafe home

Survivors of domestic violence will flee from home and risk living in the streets to save their lives or their children. A majority of these people will have difficulty finding housing because they often lack enough funds for a majority of their needs. We offer many different housing services so you can stay with us and away from the dangers of unsecured public spaces. Additionally, the women's crisis center offers more than housing shelters to ensure you build yourself up for long-term mental and emotional sustenance.

Expensive livelihood

Naturally, survivors have to face the new reality of not getting financial support from their spouses. Women who have a thriving career may also need a support community because research shows that women get lower incomes than an equal male counterpart. You are lucky enough to afford to meet your monthly basis needs while away from your everyday living situation. Joining a shelter for women is probably the best decision you can make to save money and have the support to plan a more stable future.

Lack of a social support system

Can you survive abuse without emotional and mental support? The truth is that a lot of our clients live in a bubble because their abusers manipulated them into abandoning their friends or incurred so much trauma that they could not function in a healthy social setting. Our residence is a community because it brings together many different personas to enjoy the same lifestyle with excellent addiction treatment for women. Chances are, you will find many people who understand all the different dimensions of your experience and have values of perceptions to boost or expedite your healing journey.

Living in a women's support center allows you to learn new skills, engage in multiple social activities and discuss things you would not go with family and friends. We want you to be actively involved in your healing journey in an environment that supports your emotional and mental health.

Abuse is a complex problem to overcome, and even worse when you have to do it alone. Contact us online to learn more about our services by speaking to our representative to get personalized help for abused and battered women.

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