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Seizure Alert Devices

Seizure Alert Devices

Seizure alert devices are useful tools that help family members know if a seizure is occurring. Therefore the device can be especially helpful for parents of young children. While there are no devices that can prevent seizures from happening, a seizure alert device like the Smart Monitor can provide peace of mind for those who wear the devices and those who care for them.

What is a Seizure Alert Device?

A seizure alert device like the Smart Monitor watches can notify other members of the family if a seizure occurs. There are several different devices currently on the market that can detect the repeated shaking movement that occurs during a seizure. They are designed to work with both tonic-clonic seizures as well as focal motor seizure that have enough movement involved. Focal or partial seizures are often not detected by these devices.

The Different Types of Seizure Alert Devices Available

There are a few different types of devices available recognized as seizure alert devices. These can include

  • Watch Devices
  • Camera Devices
  • Motion Devices
  • Mattress Devices

Watch devices can detect repeated movement and sound an alarm or alert by smartphone, text or email. Some models can also detect the wearer’s location using GPS monitoring.

A phone device uses the existing phone’s accelerometer, GPS, and text messaging system.

Mattress devices are placed underneath the mattress to detect vibrations. An alarm sounds when movements are detected.

How Can Seizure Alert Devices Help Patients and Caregivers?

These devices can be set up to notify family members or other caregivers that a seizure is taking place. The alerts can include an alarm, a phone call or text alert, depending on the type of device you own. The caregiver can then provide the appropriate measures to help the person during and after their seizure. It allows them time to access rescue medication or call an ambulance if needed.

Are There Any Limitations to Seizure Alert Devices?

A seizure alert device can be useful, but there are some limitations to what these devices can do. They may not be practical for epileptic individuals who live alone or those who spend a lot of time at home on their own. If they have a seizure and the device sounds, there won’t be anyone around for it to alert.

The FDA does not approve many of the devices that are currently available. Experts studied many of the alert systems in home settings or hospitals. However, there are still some models that were not studied systematically. This means there is no clear evidence of how they actually work out in the real world.

There are currently no alert devices that will alert caregivers of possible breathing problems or any changes in the wearer’s heart rate. These could be crucial details during or after a person has experienced a seizure. At this time, more scientific evidence and testing are needed to prove exactly how well these devices work and if they re useful in preventing sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. 


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