SE Calgary Family Dentist

SE Calgary Family Dentist

A health plan for the entire family

Multiple studies have shown that there is an intricate relationship between oral hygiene and your overall wellbeing. With that in mind, we, at Copperstone Dental, are determined to maximize your wellbeing by promoting important and effective preventive measures. And it all starts with resorting to a thorough and impeccable oral hygiene system.

Most people don't truly realize the implications of not caring for your teeth's health. But every SE Calgary family dentist will tell you now it's the time you should start changing your mind. Whether talking about children or adults, the repercussions of neglecting your daily oral cleaning routine, or, even worse, lacking one completely, can turn quite grim at one point.

And there are many health problems correlated to a poor oral hygiene routine you should be worried about, most of which can grow to become quite serious. And one of the most often occurring health problems is infection. Infections, at mouth level, are linked to cardiovascular diseases, dementia, respiratory problems and even pregnancy complications, to name just a few.

The guide to a better dental hygiene

Most common oral health problems are plaque, cavities and gingivitis. Plaque is represented by mineralized bacteria, forming sediments at the base of the teeth, right where the tooth's enamel is thinner or where it ends. Cavities are bacteria that have already penetrated the surface of the teeth and have managed to carve the bone to various degrees.

Gingivitis, however, occurs because of the accumulation of bacteria within the gums. Any SE Calgary family dentist can quickly identify the signs of gingivitis before things could take a turn for the worse and prescribe medication to rectify the problem. And there are many potential problems that could arise, especially during brushing or flossing, when damaging your gums means the bacteria will have gateways to enter the bloodstream.

In this context, it is important, as an adult, to "become the bigger man" and set the standards in the family, standards which your children will follow. These standards include:

- Eliminating artificial sweeteners, sodas and anything similar from your eating habits

- Never eat sugary aliments before bedtime

- Brush your teeth regularly, at a minimum of 2 times per day

- Don't forget to also clean your inner cheeks and tongue, as those are common places for bacteria to linger on

- Use fluoride-based cleaning products, be them toothpaste or mouthwash

- Adopt a healthier diet, based primarily on vegetables and fruits

- Go to regular dentistry checks to identify and treat oral problems in time

These are preventive measures the entire family should abide by, because the benefits are so numerous and powerful. A short talk to any SE Calgary family dentist will quickly steer you in the right direction. Take your family, make an appointment to the family dentist and find out how you can change your life for the better.

The team at Copperstone Dental knows the importance of pristine oral hygiene and it is about time you find out about it too.

SE Calgary Family Dentist
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SE Calgary Family Dentist
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