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Newport Beach Alcohol Detox

Newport Beach Alcohol Detox

Most people begin drinking for social reasons, and before they realize, they are drinking for any minute stress trigger to maintain a relaxed mental state. A couple of years on the wrong path somehow lands them in complicated situations like missing meetings, loss of family, and probable homelessness. Some try quitting cold turkey to rewind time to wellness. A quick online search will reveal the fatalistic results of brave people who misjudged a DIY's effectiveness. The good news is that medical detox is only a series of steps with the highest probability of complete recovery.

Benefits of our medically supervised detox program

Detox is the process of clearing the body of toxins. It is potentially painful and strenuous enough to present life-threatening effects. Detox without medical care also increases the risk of relapse. Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehabs advise clients with all kinds of addictions to choose a medical detox at our inpatient treatment facility for the following reasons:

Strong recovery foundation

Hospitals have detox fatalities because they may lack the staff to stay on guard during the process. Patients may also experience a catastrophic nervous or general body shut down, which worsens current mental and physical health. The detox step is crucial because individuals quickly receive round-the-clock care as we monitor every little change.


The detox stage is the most vulnerable throughout the treatment program at Newport Beach rehabs. Some people experience nervous breakdowns like seizures, tremors, and deliriums. The severity of withdrawal depends on several factors, such as the following:

  • General body weight
  • Gender
  • Method of drug or alcohol administration
  • Current and past medical history
  • Average daily alcohol intake
  • Length of substance abuse
  • Arising complications may be tough to control without proper medical and physical treatment.
  • Bodyweight

Pain management

Willpower will not shield the body from the real pains of a detox. We are aware that the patient experiences more than physical pains because they try to balance intense emotions of guilt, among other probabilities that led to heavy alcohol abuse. It is easy to get into a fatal overdose as one tries to control the pain.

An addiction treatment center in Newport Beach has many different medication prescriptions that treat mild to fatal illnesses. The primary reason for a Newport Beach alcohol detox through our facility is to keep the patient safe – the drugs mimic the effects of alcohol on the nervous system without the adverse adversities.

Treat co-occurring illness

Many individuals who experience substance disorder are unaware of peripheral health complications. An example is that people who abuse drugs and alcohol are at a higher risk of exposing themselves to sexually transmitted diseases. The presence of underlying illness may not be evident behind the veil of a declining alcohol-ridden body. We screen the body for all co-occurring possibilities and use an addiction treatment in Newport Beach that addresses their particular health condition.

Newport Beach Recovery Center offers on-site detox to ensure comfort and full recovery. Our rehabilitation centers in Newport Beach are a phone call away (1-855-316-8740) if you want to reach a treatment specialist to admission a loved one or yourself before it is too late.


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