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Nebraska Imaging Omaha

Nebraska Imaging Omaha

If you are looking for Nebraska imaging in Omaha, Browns Medical Imaging can help. The evidence you need for a diagnosis is at your fingertips. From CT scans to angiography, we have the machines your practice needs.

Why should I update my imaging devices?

Medical imaging equipment uses radiation to create a view of your patient that was impossible even sixty years ago. Technologies were in their infancy ten to twenty years ago.

Even if the equipment was expensive and continues to require upkeep, you strive to keep your patients safe and improve their lives. Due to the presence of radioactive materials, patients today are exposed to six times the dosage they were even twenty years ago according to the Mayo Clinic.

The development of standards and general advances are making equipment safer, more comfortable, and easier to use. It is increasingly possible to use precise and targeted doses of radiation to obtain the information you need.

What CT scan equipment is available?

Neusoft evolved in the teaching hospital. These medical systems offer unparalleled imaging power. Their products offer reliable results for anyone on a budget. Advanced AI as well as spectral imaging create a perfect view of the entire body.

If your office is small or you are creating a new practice, Neusoft products are perfect for you. These devices offer a complete package of low dose imaging tools with 60kV imaging.

Is it possible to view organs?

Precise and low dosage radiation machines continue to evolve. Angiography, combined with powerful analytics, high-resolution imaging, and three-dimensional modelling, now offers doctors the ability to see individual organs.

Shimadzu devices combine potent processing technology with imaging on par with radiograph to create the best possible view of veins, organs, and other parts that were relatively invisible only twenty years ago. With largest in class imaging, you will never be left trying to fit the puzzle together.

How can I apply analytics to my imaging technologies?

Once you have an image, you need to find potential problems. It can be difficult to find problems in even the highest quality imaging. This is particularly true in a world where multiple machines create massive amounts of information.

Glassbeam leads the way in the IoT revolution with powerful analytics that helps customers make sense of complex data. Algorithms help you to find trouble spots where your intuition, training, and skill take over to create an accurate diagnosis.

Nebraska Imaging in Omaha

Medical imaging is a requirement for any practice. The ability to visualize organs, understand bone density, and gain an overall appreciation of your patients’ body offer unrivaled diagnostic power.

Browns Medical Imaging provides the most powerful solutions available for a variety of budgets. Whether you are starting a practice or are established in your field, our team is ready to help you find an optimal solution.

Get in touch with us today to obtain the view you need to help your patients. A catalog of our products is available on our website as well.


Nebraska Imaging Omaha
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