Mississauga Dental Implants

Mississauga Dental Implants

Mississauga dental implants cost less than you may think, are a superior option compared with dentures, and create a perfectly natural smile. If you're avoiding social situations due to one or more missing teeth, our team from Lifestyle Dentistry can help you improve your smile and start living life to its fullest again. Dental implants and implant dentures are worth looking into and will give you a more stable smile than conventional dentures or partials. Feel free to book a consultation appointment to discuss options with our staff; reach us by phone at 905-822-8880.

5 Ways Dental Implants Will Change Your Life For The Better

1. If you're currently unable to enjoy your favorite foods, Mississauga dental implants will make it possible for you to indulge in a juicy steak, bite into a crisp apple, order popcorn at the moveis, and even enjoy chewy candies and gum when you have a sweet tooth. If it's been some time since you've been able to chew a variety of foods without experiencing pain, implants will significantly improve your quality of life from the standpoint of creating a more diverse menu.

2. Have you lost confidence in social scenes due to your smile? It surprises many of our patients at Lifestyle Dentistry to learn that implants look, feel, and function in every way like your natural teeth- with no slipping or clicking noises. You'll never turn down an invitation to a church or group social again once you've found that implants have given you the smile you've been dreaming about.

3. With missing teeth, it can be challenging to enunciate clearly; in fact, the sound of your voice may change over time if you fail to address the issue. Natural sounding speech can start to sound slurred as you struggle to recreate the sounds that were once easy for you. Implants change that for good, restoring your ability to speak clearly so that you'll worry less about how you sound to friends and family.

4. Unlike dentures and partials, Mississauga dental implants require no special cleaning methods- simply brush and floss them just as you would your natural teeth. Avoid tobacco products, eat a nutritionally balanced diet, and see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings ot maintain your beautiful smile over the years.

5. Did you know that dental implants preserve your facial structure and prevent bone resorption that occurs with the loss of teeth. Guard your appearance against unnatural wrinkles around your mouth and chin, or work toward reversing it if it's already begun to happen.

Read more about quality dental implants available from Lifestyle Dentistry when you explore the resources on our website. If you have additional questions not addressed on our website, we welcome you to reach out to our dental clinic by calling our office or booking a consultation visit through our website. Easy online booking makes seeing our staff convenient, whether it's to schedule a routine exam, checkup, or cleaning, or to discuss cosmetic treatments with our dentist.

Mississauga Dental Implants

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