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Drug Rehab Costa Mesa

Drug Rehab Costa Mesa

Most people believe that the drug rehab process is fairly simple in theory and that the detox program is enough to eliminate the problem immediately. At The Ho Tai Way, we know that to be false. Our drug rehab in Costa Mesa features a multitude of clinical and psychiatric procedures for extensive long-term benefits.

How does drug rehab work?

The rehabilitation process comprises of several multi-disciplinary procedures like:

Medical detoxification – Using targeted medication to address the symptoms and causes of withdrawal. The drug detox is a medical procedure aiming to flush the substance from your body and restore your physiological functions to normal.

Dual-diagnosis support – Most addicts will develop co-occurring disorders as their addiction worsens with time. We provide medication assistance and therapy for dealing with any mental disorders that may impact your recovery long-term.

Therapy and counseling – Medication alone won’t help you in the long-run. To recover entirely and embrace a lifetime of sobriety, you need counseling, therapy, and lifestyle guidance during the rehab program.

Lifestyle adjustments – Our health professionals will provide you with critical knowledge on changing your lifestyle to meet your new requirements, as a sober individual, looking for stability and a healthy life. With our help, you will improve your eating habits, adopt a healthier workout routine, and improve your financial status considerably.

How long does the rehab take?

The duration of the rehabilitation program depends on the severity of your illness. Other factors that may weigh in include your determination, mental strength, and the support of your family and friends. Our drug rehab in Costa Mesa offers different lengths of treatment, designed to fit your needs perfectly.

To find out exactly how long will the treatment last, it’s best to call us as soon as possible for a quick clinical assessment. Once we get all the information we need regarding your clinical and psychiatric status, we will be able to recommend a specific treatment approach. If you are in a more severe stage of addiction, expect a minimum of 90 days of treatment!

Will the health insurance cover the rehab treatment?

That will depend on the type of insurance and the rehab services you’ll need. We accept a multitude of insurance plans, to ensure we make our services available to as many people as possible. Generally speaking, many insurance plans only cover portions of the rehab treatment, with the rest coming from your own pocket.

Since we want you to get the rehab services you need, we will work with you to build a personalized payment plan according to your needs and capabilities. If you want to know where you stand financially, contact us via our hotline and someone will take your case immediately! If you have decided to join our drug rehab in Costa Mesa, we are positive we will find the ideal payment strategy for you.

At The Ho Tai Way, we offer you access to a school of recovery, unlike any other. At our school, you will learn how to cope with your addiction and set your life on a sure pathway to happiness.

Drug Rehab Costa Mesa
The Ho Tai Way
Drug Rehab Costa Mesa
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