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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Orange County Ca

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Orange County Ca

Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT is a branch of cognitive behavioral therapy. As cognitive behavioral therapies focus on the cognitions and the minds of the patients, analyzing and evaluating their thought processes and trying to fix them by identification and rectification. The DBT uses the same approach to successfully treat behaviors of self-harm or destruction such as suicide. Using DBT the therapists encourage patients to identify their negative behaviors and change them with positive behaviors. The patients are taught a coping mechanism to deal with any negative or set-backing event in life.

How Is DBT Different Than Other Behavioral Therapies?

Like cognitive behavioral therapies, DBT also focuses on the mind of the human and effectively working on the thought process, but what makes DBT unique is its dual or dialectic approach. This approach works with two extremes in mental health, namely, acceptance and change, and combines them to form an effective and long-life solution for disorders or negative behavior. The therapists first work on helping patients accept the errors in their negative behaviors, and then helping them change those negative behaviors with positive ones.

DBT is commonly used to treat patients that are suicidal or high-risk and have not positively responded to other forms of therapy or treatments.

Who To Seek For DBT Treatment For Teens?

One leading clinic of Teen psychologists in Orange County that you can seek expert and reliable DBT treatment from is the OC teen center. We are a highly loved and appreciated clinic of Youth therapy in Southern California for years and have high expertise in dialectical behavior therapy in orange county CA. We have treated several teens with suicidal behavior with our professional DBT treatment, and have made them change their life for the good. Now they live a happy and successful life, with strong compassionate behavior for themselves, their family, friends, and society.

Here’s How The DBT For Teens Works With Us:

Our Adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal work with a standard format and pre-decided plan to help our patients accept and change their behavior in a steady process. We have 3 types of therapy programs through which we treat patients based on the intensity of their disorder:

  1. Day program: Our day program is for individuals that show severe negative behavior patterns. Teens within this program are required to meet with their expert therapist 5 times a week and work in a supportive and comfortable environment to fight their disorder.
  2. After School Program: This program is for teens who do not show severe negative behavior or are done with their Day program. It requires the teen to meet their therapists and support groups 4 times a week for 3 days each in a supportive environment. This helps the kid continue with their normal daily routine while getting therapy.
  3. Private Therapy: For teens who do not wish to be enrolled in a program and seek one-on-one sessions with the Child psychologists in Orange County California, based on their schedule and availability.

Contact us: Contact our Pediatric mental health services in Orange County today and get started with getting your teen an effective DBT treatment. For appointments or questions call us at 714-716-5044 or email at:


Dialectical Behavior Therapy Orange County Ca
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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Orange County Ca
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