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Denture Reline Scarborough

Something as simple as the loss of a tooth can become a serious health problem for older dental patients. A good pair of dentures can significantly improve many aspects of your life, including your speech, your self-esteem, and even your overall nutrition. Over time, all denture wearers will face the same problem. Dentures will eventually become loose-fitting, even if you take excellent care of your dentures at all times. When this happens, the fastest and best solution is a denture reline in Scarborough.

Why Do Dentures Stop Fitting?

When a tooth or multiple teeth are lost, the bones and soft tissues in your jaw begin to shift. Dentures are not only a cosmetic solution, but they also help to prevent further loss of bone and oral tissue. As these changes take place, the dentures no longer fit properly, leading to a series of problems, including the buildup of plaque and food becoming trapped behind the dentures. Severe problems can include fungal infections, tissue overgrowth, and even ulcers. These symptoms are in addition to the pain and discomfort that are synonymous with wrongly fitting dentures.

It's natural for dentures to wear out as any kind of device will with the passage of time. That's when your dentures need to be relined. By relining your dentures, we will add worn out materials to the inner plate of your dentures that hugs your gums. Doing so will conform the denture to the new shape of your games for optimal comfort and replace the parts of the denture that might have been broken or damaged.

Where to Go for a Denture Reline in Scarborough

Come to Scarborough Dental Care if you want a denture reline in Scarborough. Whether you need a small adjustment or a big reline, Scarborough Dental Care has the facilities, tools, and resources to perform most denture relines right here in our state-of-the-art dental clinic.

Proactive Dentistry is the Best Way to Maintain the Integrity of Your Dentures

A lot of dental patients mistakenly believe that, since they don't have real teeth, they don't need to visit a dentist twice a year. However, this is wrongful thinking. Routine checkups are needed for your dentist to provide timely adjustments to your dentures and keep them from worsening or deteriorating. The more frequently we evaluate your dentures and your oral condition, the more we can proactively address your denture relines, helping you to avoid discomfort, irritation, and other potential problems that come with waiting too long to reline your dentures.

Because it is wrongly assumed that do-it-yourself denture relines are more practical and affordable, there are many dental patients who will purchase DIY denture reline kits. The truth is; they tend to make the problem worse over time. You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Scarborough Dental Care provides low-cost denture reline in Scarborough. Make your appointment today. Our friendly receptionist will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

Denture Reline Scarborough
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