Calgary Sedation Dentist

Calgary Sedation Dentist
Has the fear of visiting the dentist kept you from seeking dental treatment that you need? Did you know that Northern Hills Dental in Calgary has a Sedation Dentist on duty that is able to offer you Sedation Dentistry for your treatment?
Sedation Dentistry allows your dentist to administer sedatives prior to treatment in order to relax the patient before dental treatment begins. If even the thought of a trip to the dentist makes you feel anxious, don't feel alone. Fear of the dental chair is reported to occur in 75% of people, to one degree or another. If you fall under that category, Sedation Dentistry may be for you.
Call the office of Northern Hills Dental in Calgary and ask to speak to a Sedation Dentist if you have experienced any of the following:
- High Fear or Anxiety
- Have had traumatic dental experiences
- Have very sensitive teeth
- A gag reflex
- Extensive dental problems
- A tight schedule
- Difficulty in becoming numb
- If you just generally hate everything to do with the dental office
You'll be able to set up a new patient appointment in their Calgary office with a Sedation Dentist who can make sure you are relaxed and at ease before your treatment begins.
Oral Sedation Dentistry is an often requested method which your Calgary sedation dentist uses to empower patients in the management of their fears. In this method, oral sedatives are taken in pill form. Oral sedation patients typically report feeling comfortable and remembering little of the treatment, as if they had slept through the treatment. Despite the experience of sleeping through the procedure, oral Sedation Dentistry patients actually maintain a level of consciousness which allows them to follow their dentist's instructions during the procedure.
If you're concerned as to the safety of Sedation Dentistry, don't worry. Sedation Dentistry is considered very safe. To ensure the safety of Sedation Dentistry patients, your Calgary Sedation Dentist is required to use monitoring equipment during the procedure, including a pulse oximeter and oxygen equipment. Dentists are also required to have reversal medication agents on hand in the rare case of an adverse reaction to the sedatives.
Patients often confuse Sleep Dentistry with Sedation Dentistry, but they are not the same. In Sedation Dentistry, you are not actually asleep, though you may feel sleepy due to the effects of the sedatives. Also, the term sleep dentistry is sometimes connected to the use of general anesthesia. The use of general anesthesia, however, is not considered Sedation Dentistry.
Just remember, with regard to Sedation Dentistry:
- It's Safe: You will not be unconscious, but will merely be in a deeply relaxed state. No intravenous tubes or needles are required.
- It's Pain-Free: You will feel no pain while in the dental chair, and you will have little to no memory of the experience.
- It's Flexible: Depending on the treatment you require and the level of sedation achieved, it can help you remain relaxed for two to six hours.
- Complex Dental Treatments can be completed in Just One Visit: You can have crowns or bridges replaced, veneers cemented, numerous fillings done, a professional cleaning completed with our hygienist, or numerous teeth extracted; all while you remain comfortably relaxed.
Please call your Calgary Sedation Dentist at Northern Hills Dental at 403-532-0711 to set up a new patient appointment or to ask any questions you may have about Sedation Dentistry. You'll be glad you did!
Calgary Sedation Dentist
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Calgary Sedation Dentist
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