Basic Dental Instruments

Basic Dental Instruments

If your North American dental practice is in need of new tools, you've indeed come to the right place. Fortec International offers a complete catalog of primary dental instruments as well as many specialty tools that will help you provide quality care to your patients.

Diagnostic Tools

When a patient comes to you with a dental complaint, you want to discover the cause of their discomfort and offer a solution as soon as possible. Necessary dental instruments used to diagnose include but are not limited to:

  • Double-ended explorers
  • Mirrors and mirror handles
  • Expros and screening probes
  • Dressing pliers
  • Hemostats

Periodontal Tools

As any good dentist knows, gum health is imperative to the overall well-being of every patient who schedules an appointment at your practice. Be sure your periodontal toolkit includes these primary dental instruments:

  • Gracey cutters
  • Periodontal files
  • Periodontal chisels and curettes
  • Sickle Scalers
  • Periodontal knives
  • Universal curettes

Orthodontic Tools

Does your practice provide smile-improving orthodontics? If so, you'll want to make sure that you have every primary orthodontic tool sterilized and ready.

* Double-ended band pusher and scaler provides a perfect grip for placing orthodontic bands and cleaning up excess band cement

* Double-ended distal end bender is precisely the tool to reach for when you need to bend archwires accurately. Fortec International offers benders that may be used to adjust small- and large-diameter archwire with ease.

Endodontic Tools

If you are one of the 3 percent of dentists who are also endodontists, you want to help your patients overcome tooth pain and prevent infections as kindly as possible. To that end, ensure your dental tool tray includes:

Rubber dam clamps
Rubber dam frames and forceps
Explorers and excavators
Impression trays

Oral Surgery Tools

Should your practice include any oral and maxillofacial surgery, keep a range of high-quality oral surgery tools cleaned and ready. In addition to all the necessary dental instruments, we offer a smart selection of tools designed for dental surgeries:

  • Bone chisels
  • Bone files
  • Luxating elevators
  • Mouth props
  • Extraction forceps
  • Rongeurs
  • Periosteal
  • Osteotomes

Care of Stainless Steel Dental Tools

Many of your primary dental instruments are made of stainless steel that needs to be taken care of properly. Reserve a sink specifically for pre-washing your dental tools. Place instruments in a surgical pre-soak bath for at least ten minutes before scrubbing with a nylon bristle brush. Never use wire brushes on stainless steel dental instruments. Once pre-cleaned, essential dental tools should be steam sterilized in an approved sterilization unit. Hinged instruments should be in the open position during the sterilization process.

The dental profession is a worthwhile pursuit that helps Canadians live more healthfully and happily. Headquartered in Ontario, Fortec International is pleased to provide first-class necessary dental instruments and specialized dental tools to dental practices throughout North America. For additional information about Fortec International and what we sell, please call 1.855.790.7779 at your earliest convenience.

Basic Dental Instruments

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