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“I wish I hadn’t waited so long for my LASIK surgery. I’m thrilled with the results! It was so much easier than I thought.”
- Kate Ogden



“They tested me the next morning (after surgery) and I was twenty-twenty….. I wish I had done this twenty years ago. (Dr. Sambursky) explains everything step by step, tells you what to expect from beginning to end, and answers any questions you might have. He’s great.” - Darcy Branch


“My results are absolutely amazing! I just can’t believe how good I can see. I didn’t expect (my vision to improve) so fast. I feel like giving Dr. Sambursky a hug!” - Ashley Cummings



"I had always wanted LASIK surgery. Glasses were a pain and my eyes didn't do well with contacts...There is no way I could POSSIBLY say enough good things about either the procedure or Dr. Sambursky to express how I feel about my perfect vision." 

- Ryan Howell  



Why Choose CEI?

Coastal Eye Institute (formerly Manatee Sarasota Eye Clinic) is one of the area’s largest ophthalmology practices featuring a comprehensive team of fellowship-trained ophthalmologists in every subspecialty of eye care.From infancy to the golden years...we provide care for the total health of your eyes. Trust your eye care to our specialists!


Coastal Eye Institute has fellowship-trained ophthalmologists in every specialty of eye care:

  • ➢ Laser Cataract Surgery
  • ➢ Glaucoma
  • ➢ Macular Degeneration
  • ➢ Diabetic Retinopathy
  • ➢ Dry Eye Disease
  • ➢ LASIK Laser Vision Correction
  • ➢ Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • ➢ Pediatric Eye Care
  • ➢ Routine Eye Care
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We are happy to work with your busy schedule! With nine physicians and four offices, we are confident we can find a time, day and location that is convenient for you. Call 941-748-1818 and let us help you on your way to seeing more clearly!


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