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Assessing Visual Impairments In Infants

02/22/2017 16:14

Have you ever wondered how doctors are able to accurately gauge an infant’s visual impairment? If an infant is unable to tell the doctor if “one” or “two” is clearer, how do they figure out the right prescription for correction?

Retinoscopy is the technique that is most widely used to determine the amount of correction needed in an infant. This technique uses an instrument called a retinoscope to project a beam of light into the eye. The doctor will then move this light vertically and horizontally across the eye and observe the movement of the refracted light from the back of the eye. Next, the ophthalmologist will introduce different lenses in front of the eye while he continues to move the projected light across the eye. The doctor will continue changing the lenses until reaching a lens power that indicates the refractive error of the patient.

While we normally see this method used in children it may also be helpful for developmentally delayed adults.

Did you know that even though 1 in 4 children have a vision problem there are still a whopping 48% of parents with children under the age of 12 who have never taken their child to see an eye care professional? Don’t wait! Make your child an appointment for their annual eye exam today!


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Coastal Eye Institute has fellowship-trained ophthalmologists in every specialty of eye care:

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