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Vitrectomy Surgery

Allison Menezes, M.D.
Fellowship-trained Retina Specialist

Anita Shane, M.D.
Fellowship-trained Retina Specialist


During this surgery, usually three small incisions are made in the eye to enter and remove the vitreous gel (see the "eye anatomy" sheet).


One incision allows a small "microvit" to enter into the back of the eye to remove the vitreous gel. A “microvit” is a microsurgical, tubular instrument resembling a tiny pipe. It has a special ending that aspirates (sucks) and cuts in rapid sequence. This allows the vitreous to be removed with minimal disturbance to the extremely delicate retina.  During this procedure, the eye is prevented from collapsing (like when a water balloon is punctured) because saline solution is allowed to enter the eye through a second incision. This incision allows a short cannula (pipe) to penetrate the eye so that saline can replace the vitreous that is removed. The third incision is made to allow a "light pipe" (tiny flashlight) to enter the eye for illumination as it is otherwise too dark for the surgeon to see.


Some of the risks of vitrectomy include:

  • infection
  • bleeding
  • retinal detachment
  • high pressure in the eye
  • some loss of side vision
  • accelerated cataract formation

Do not fly in an airplane or travel up to high altitudes if a gas bubble is put in your eye during vitrectomy surgery. A rapid increase in altitude can cause a dangerous rise in eye pressure.


Scuba diving is prohibited.


If you need to have surgery under general anesthesia, nitrous oxide gas cannot be used while a gas bubble is in your eye.


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